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La musica dei Nirvana

Benvenuti nel cuore di Nirvana2003: la sezione dedicata alla musica dei Nirvana.
Iniziate il viaggio nella produzione musicale di Kurt Cobain e soci scegliendo un brano o un disco dalle liste sottostanti!


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Altre pubblicazioni

-13:54 [vedi Endless, Nameless]

-About A Girl
-Adorn [vedi White Lace And Strange]
-Aero Zeppelin
-Ain't It A Shame
-All Apologies
-Auto Pilot [vedi You Know You're Right]

-Bambi Kill [vedi Bambi Slaughter]
-Bambi Slaughter
-Been A Son
-Big Cheese
-Big Long Now
-Black & White Blues
-Born In A Junkyard [vedi Token Eastern Song]

-Clean Up Before She Comes
-Color Pictures Of A Marigold [vedi Marigold]
-Come As You Are
-Cracker [vedi Polly]

-Devalued American Dollar Purchase Incentive Track [vedi Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip]
-Do Re Mi
-Do You Love Me?
-Don't Want It All
-Dought, Ray And Me [vedi Do Re Mi]
-Drain You
-Dusty Town [vedi Clean Up Before She Comes]

-Endless, Nameless
-Even In His Youth
-Everything And Nothing [vedi Sappy]

-Floyd The Barber
-Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

-Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip
-Grey Goose
-Guitar Demolition [vedi Endless, Nameless]

-Hairspray Queen
-Heart-Shaped Box
-Help Me I'm Hungry
-Here She Comes Now

-I Hate Myself And I Want To Die
-I Know Your Right [vedi You Know You're Right]
-Iím A Mountain [vedi You Know You're Right]
-If You Must
-Immigrant Song
-Imodium [vedi Breed]
-In Bloom
-In His Hands [vedi Verse Chorus Verse]
-In His Room [vedi Verse Chorus Verse]
-In The Pines [vedi Where Did You Sleep Last Night]
-In Utero [vedi Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip]

-Jesus Doesnít Want Me For A Sunbeam [vedi Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam]
-Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
-Junkyard [vedi Token Eastern Song]

-Lake Of Fire
-Laminated Effect [vedi White Lace And Strange]
-Laundry Room [vedi Sappy]
-Lemon Song [vedi White Lace And Strange]
-Le Moribond [vedi Seasons In The Sun]
-Lounge Act
-Love Buzz

-Marijuana [vedi Moist Vagina]
-Mary Jane [vedi Moist Vagina]
-Mexican Seafood
-Milk It
-Mistero [vedi Sappy]
-Moby Dick
-Moist Vagina
-Molly's Lips
-More Than A Feeling
-Moribond [vedi Seasons In The Sun]
-Mr. Moustache
-Mrs. Butterworth
-MV [vedi Moist Vagina]
-My Best Friendís Girl

-Negative Creep
-New Poopie [vedi tourette's]
-(New Wave) Polly
-No Alternate [vedi Sappy]

-Oh Me
-Oh, The Guilt
-Old Age
-On A Mountain [vedi You Know You're Right]
-On A Plain

-Paper Cuts
-Pay To Play [vedi Stay Away]
-Pen Cap Chew
-Pennyroyal Tea
-Pretty Scary [vedi Turnaround]
-Punk Rock Polly [vedi Polly]

-Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
-Rape Me
-Return Of The Rat

-Sad [vedi Sappy]
-Scentless Apprentice
-Seasons In The Sun
-Serve The Servants
-Smells Like Teen Spirit
-Something In The Way
-Son Of A Gun
-Spank Thru
-Stay Away
-Swap Meet

-Talk To Me
-Territorial Pissings
-The Eagle Has Landed [vedi tourette's]
-The End
-The Man Who Sold The World
-The Money Will Roll Right In
-The Other Improv
-They Hung Him On A Cross
-Token Eastern Song

-Verse Chorus Verse
-Very Ape

-Waif Me [vedi Rape Me]
-Where Did You Sleep Last Night
-White Lace And Strange

-You Got No Right [vedi You Know You're Right]
-You Know You're Right

copertina di Bleach
(Album - 1989)

copertina di Blew
(EP - 1989)

copertina di Nevermind
(Album - 1991)

copertina di Hormoaning
(EP - 1992)

copertina di Incesticide
(Album/Compilation - 1992)

copertina di In Utero
In Utero
(Album - 1993)

copertina di Mtv Unplugged In New York
Mtv Unplugged In New York
(Concerto live - 1994)

copertina di Singles
(Raccolta singoli - 1995)

copertina di From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah
From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah
(Compilation live - 1996)

copertina di Nirvana
(Compilation - 2002)

copertina di With The Lights Out
With The Lights Out
(Compilation - 2004)

copertina di Sliver - The Best Of The Box
Sliver - The Best Of The Box
(Compilation - 2005)

copertina di Nevermind - It's An Interview
Nevermind - It's An Interview
(Promo - 1992)

copertina di Nevermind - Classic Albums
Nevermind - Classic Albums
(Documentario - 2005)

copertina di Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!
Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!
(Raccolta Video Live - 2006)

copertina di Live At Reading
Live At Reading
(Concerto Live - 2009)

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